Last transnational project meeting and online evaluation of "Game On"

And the time finally came to officially wrap up this 18-month adventure! From 22nd to 24th of July the team of "Game On" held their last transnational project meeting, which served as an opportunity to review and evaluate the different stages of the Strategic Partnership.

The objectives of the meeting were to:

- Share results of the promotional phase and exchange experience of creating and facilitating educational board game events;

- Evaluate each stage of the project based on the evaluation forms, reports, results;

- Hold a live broadcasting via Facebook to present testimonials and answer questions of youth workers, educators, organizations;

- Distribute the project report and update the final action plan for reporting and impact assessment.

Day 1

In the first session, we shared and updated each other about the dissemination events and activities each partner country did untill that moment – sharing also which of our target groups we have reached online and offline and what has been our experience, feedback and outcomes from those events. After this, we had a project overview, highlighting the benchmarks and main activities of the project and learning journey we have created and implemented. We enthusiastically checked the printed versions of the intellectual outputs, which have been printed in Estonia – the manual and all the board games, which they will be send to every partner. The last part of the first session was dedicated to brainstorming and planning in detail the Online Live-streaming.

In the afternoon session, we continued with the content reporting and planning. We went through the documentation, evaluating our progress and checking on the documents that we need to finalize. We reviwed the benchmarks and the actions that we have done and the people/target groups we have reached by working in cooperation on the content related questions from the final report about the impact. Each representative from the partner countries shared their successes and experiences, sharing the impact on the participants from the local and training event, the organizations, other target groups (youth groups) involved and educators and partner organizations, as well as to other relevant stakeholders.

At the end of this session, we discussed the sustainability part of the project, and what will be our activities and results that we will maintain and continue implementing after the official end of the project.

Day 2

The first part of the day was dedicated to the the Evaluation Matrix, the internal and team evaluation, which happened in 4 levels:

- learning outcomes/achievements: both individual and organization,

- highlights of the project: anything that we feel as a highlight and a good memory.

- minuses/changes: what were the weak points, what we would change if we would do it again. At any level, ourselves, organization. How we could change it.

- ideas for future: advice, or ideas on how we can continue, anything to share at all.

We used the online tool called MIRO, in which each participant had the chance to write and contribute to the evaluation by writing in post-its, as if we had a flipchart. After taking time to write down and reflect, we went one by one through the 4 different levels, mapping together the perspectives and experiences shared, and elaborating more on those. A great focus was given especially to the changes and ideas for future, showcasing how this project has enriched us in all levels, so that we can continue and make it even better in the future.

In the afternoon we closed the financial reporting, refreshing with what has been done, and what needs to be done in order to close the project. We then went through the Final Report of the project, distributing the parts that each organization is responsible to take care of. We also set agreements and deadlines for when the last tasks and activities need to take place. We closed the second day of the meeting with the final planning of the online event, with script revision and role division among the team.

Day 3 Online, live-streaming event

On 24th of July at 17:00 h CET we went online via the Facebook page of Ticket2Europe, the applicant organization. The live stream took the form of a short panel dicussion in which one person from each involved partner shared their experience and development throughout the life of the project following the questions:

Q1: Our motivation to create "Game On"

Q2: Why entrepreneurship and board games?

Q3: What were our main discoveries?

Q4: What has been the response from the audience?

Q5: What comes next?

You can watch it again on our Facebook pages or by clicking here below:


The online meeting served fully its purposes, since we were able to meet again in a virtual space this time, and close the project together in a meaningful and productive way.

We evaluated and measured the achievements of the whole project, distributing tasks and responsibilities for the last practical aspects, such as the final report, and we got excited to receive the printed intellectual outputs, manual and board games, so we can continue the gaming events and promotion.

We concluded that the project doesn’t actually end here, rather, there is a continuation in each partner organization, where we will continue spreading its results, use the board games and create more opportunities for our target groups.

“Game On: Developing Educational Board Games for Young Entrepreneurs” is a long-term KA2 project funded by the Erasmus + Program through the Spanish National Agency INJUVE and implemented by Shokkin Group International (EE), Ticket2Europe (ES), Awesome People (SE) and Solidarity Mission (GR).

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