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In our Strategic Partnership "Game On", every organization has worked on the development of educational board games that will teach young people about entrepreneurship. Yesterday we had a Skype meeting with the international team to see how things are going for everyone. At Awesome People we have been developing the prototype for our game where we have created 5 mini games that you can play individually but which together also becomes a big game about the different entrepreneurial paths.

This first prototype, "Roads 2 Entrepreneurship" consists of five mini games that can be played individually but also together in a big game where young people can learn about basic knowledge and skills when it comes to entrepreneurship. We conducted our first test in the beginning of November, where two groups of young people got to test and give feedback on the games which went great!

The basic ideas of the games worked well, but there are some things we need to improve to make it work even better! Big thanks to those who tested the games and gave us feedback! We are incredibly excited to further develop this game and two other games at the transnational project meeting that we will host in Awesome People from 21st to 25th of November.

Want to know more about the project? Check out our project page:

“Game On: Developing Educational Board Games for Young Entrepreneurs” is a long-term KA2 project funded by the Erasmus + Program through the Spanish National Agency INJUVE and implemented by Shokkin Group International (EE), Ticket2Europe (ES), Awesome People (SE) and Solidarity Mission (GR).

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