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The last months have been a rollercoaster of events, changes and challenges for all of us. When the training course "GAMIFY" finished, our teams left Estonia with a concrete action plan for dissemination that included local events, meetings in schools, promotion events in youth centers and many other activities to present our newly created games to multipliers (youth workers, teachers, educators) and young people.

However, with the development of the virus and the pandemic being announced, our countries started shutting down and going into a letargy state that, still noways (3 months after) continues. In this situation, even if preparation of local dissemination activities was placed in stand-by, the Game On international team has continued with the preparation of the print-to-play and translations of our board games. Slowly but steadily.

In each national team we continued working on the translation of all other games into our national languages, coming up to a total of seven different versions of each game (English, Estonian, Russian, Galician, Spanish, Greek and Swedish). We also developed visualized rules, with integrated visuals from the game elements and a style following each board game.

As for the dissemination activities, after exchanging emails with our National Agency and holding internal discussions in the team, we also decided to proceed with the dissemination stage in three phases adapted to the current times (just like the de-escalation of the confinement measures):

Stage #1

1st-15th May 2020

Weekly release of the developed educational board games in their print-to-play versions and including the visualized rules in seven European languages.

Stage #2

15th-31st May 2020

Presentation webinars held at both the international and the national level, aimed at introducing the project and the developed board games from an educational perspective.

Target group: youth leaders, teachers, educators, youth workers, other multipliers.

* 1 International intro online event: held in English language to present the context of the project and the first intellectual output (IO1): "Educational Board Game Development Manual".

* Min. 2 webinars per partner organization: held in the languages of each country. Each event will be dedicated to introduce the learning objectives and general gameplay of 1-2 of the developed board games.

Stage #3

June-July 2020

Implementation of small scale offline gaming events, which will be targetted at young people from the local community of each partner organization.

Implementation of a two-day entrepreneurship event with a small group of youngsters in which the topic of entrepreneurship will be addressed through playing the games and through non-formal education methods.

We will be posting new updates very soon, so stay alert! :)

“Game On: Developing Educational Board Games for Young Entrepreneurs” is a long-term KA2 project funded by the Erasmus + Program through the Spanish National Agency INJUVE and implemented by Shokkin Group International (EE), Ticket2Europe (ES), Awesome People (SE) and Solidarity Mission (GR).

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