The educational board games developed during the "Game On" project concentrate on specific learning outcomes that develop entrepreneurial skills such as leadership, communication, decision-making, financial literacy, problem-solving, time management and planning.

The print-to-play, downloadable versions of the board games will be released weekly in this section and will remain accessible in this website throughout the life of the project. 


Aim: To create and pitch business ideas.

Learning objectives:

  • To practice brainstorming product and service ideas to satisfy a specific need of a target group.

  • To get to know the structure of a 30-second pitch and tips for making a better pitch;

  • To train confidence while pitching an idea.

Target group: Young people 14+.


Aim: To analyze and understand the types of entrepreneurship styles that fit us the best.

Learning objectives:

  • To understand personal attributes and abilities related to six profiles: Artistic, Conventional, Realistic, Enterprising, Social and Investigative;

  • To identify your own personality types based on Holland Codes;

  • To undergo a self-assessment progress including a set of different factors:

    • How an individual sees oneself.

    • How others see the individual.

    • How the individual perceives others sees them.

    • How the individual perceives the individual sees oneself.

Target group: Young people 14-17 years old.


Aim: To introduce the topic of entrepreneurship and the different important elements when becoming an entrepreneur in the form of 5 roads: Experience, Knowledge, Mentorship, Network and Planning. 

Learning objectives:

  • To understand the importance of networking, having specific knowledge and getting experience by learning from mistakes and trying out.

  • Getting inspired by and learning from successful entrepreneurs.

  • Getting to know what you need to plan when starting a business.

Target group: Young people 14+.


Aim: To develop your company into a sustainable business with social impact.

Learning objectives:

  • To understand and practice basic managerial decisions of a company.

  • To learn about various ways a company can increase their social impact.

  • To practice managing simple accounting of a small business.

Target group: Young people interested in entrepreneurship aged 16+.

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