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  • To explore game-based learning and the use of board game mechanics applicable to entrepreneurship education of young people.

  • To design, test and promote 4 educational board games developing entrepreneurial competencies of young people.

  • To promote game-based learning and the use of board games among educators through training them in using innovative methodology.

  • To strengthen cooperation between youth organizations and educational institutions for joint development of entrepreneurship education.

  • To increase operational capacity of partner organizations in delivering quality entrepreneurship education services to young people and educators.

  • To develop young people’s entrepreneurial competences by the means of using educational board games.


"Game On" manual will hold theoretical and practical information for trainers, educators and youth workers who would like to use educational board games in their work, providing them with practical information on educational board games, their development logic, tools for creation and examples of games that can be adapted or developed.

The manual will be about 40/50 pages long and will be accompanied with on-line resources and background information on the project. The manual is expected to be published in November 2019.

Each board game will be designed to be played by groups of 3+ people and concentrate on specific learning outcomes that develop entrepreneurial skills such as leadership, communication, decision-making, financial literacy, problem-solving, time management and planning. Such educational board games are innovative in themselves and will allow NGO’s to use them even with small groups of young people to still have interactive and fruitful learning events.

Each partner organziation will create at least one game which will be developed and tested dirong the period August-November 2019. The games will be then designed and printed and made public in February 2020.


Shokkin Group International is a network of organizations founded in 2015 with the common mission of improving the quality of youth work in Europe. We build reliable partnerships in order to achieve a positive social impact and ensure the highest quality standards in our projects. For more information visit

Ticket2Europe is an organization created by youngsters for youngsters. Founded in early 2016 in Spain, our mission is to open up new paths and development possibilities for young people by empowering and supporting them on their search for future opportunities. For more information visit

Awesome People is a non-profit organisation registered in 2013 in Örebro, Sweden. We work in the areas of coaching, entrepreneurship, integration, gender equality, project management and non formal learning. For more information visit

Solidarity Mission is a training, research and innovation centre for social economy and
entrepreneurship, established in 2016 in Athens and supporting since 2013 social entrepreneurs and NGOs to grow their social impact. For more information visit